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User APP for Django REST Framework with API Views.


One of the winners of PyCharm Project of the Decade Competition


Django REST Framework - User is a Django app that overrides default user app to provide additional attributes and functionalities.

Feature List

JWT Support (Using Simple JWT)

Mobile Number

Single field for full name

REST API to register

REST API to login

MultiModelBackend: User can login using either of mobile, email or username

REST API to login with OTP (Same API endpoint as for OTP Verification; Set is_login: true while sending JSON request)

OTP Verification for mobile and email

API to register / login with OTP (no pre-registration required)

API to set user’s profile image

Mail sending feature upon successful registration

SMS sending feature upon successful registration

Change Password

Update Profile

Generic Configuration based on settings.py

Signal based mails: Pending in OTP section

Mail based activation (optional alternative for OTP based activation)

Social Auth Endpoints(Login using fb/google)